Mira Thompson (Amsterdam, 1993) is a singer, songwriter and performer. Informed by the tradition of vocal jazz, she is drawn to narrative song and strong poetic and visual elements within music. During her time at HKU Utrecht Conservatory, she developed a fascination for the different ways in which the voice can function as an embodied instrument. Whether written, spoken or sung, Mira wields language to evoke deep and buried feelings with an earnest yet witty approach. More.

In 2019 she released her first EP Festina Lente. Since 2008 she has performed nationally at Mozaïek Theater, Frascati, Casco Art Institute: Working for the Commons, among others, and has toured in Germany and France.

Within her own artistic practice or that of others, cross-disciplinary collaboration is at the heart of Mira’s work. She writes on subjects of disability, language and activism to contemplate a more accessible world, and has published, both print and digital, in Metropolis M, Parool, Change Now, International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam, and One World.

Invested in embodied learning and disability justice, Mira brings into question notions of accessibility and its universality through lectures, workshops and consultancy to organizations, tutors, and students.

In addition to providing private singing lessons, she teaches and researches for Amsterdam University of the Arts: Amsterdam School for Theatre and Dance, and DAS Graduate School.

Mira is a member of Feminists Against Ableism. She also does access work including voice narration, image descriptions, live captions and transcription.

You can contact Mira by sending an email to bookingmirathompson@gmail.com. Mira's assistant Dina Mimi will respond to professional inquiries.

~ Selected work ~

Mister Motley article - Crip Theory in the Arts

2023   Writing

How can Crip Theory be used in the Dutch art landscape?

Link to Article (in Dutch)

Iza Noticing Something

2022   Voice-over

Mira did the voice narration of Iza Noticing Something by photographer and video-artist Anna Theunissen.

Up in the Attic

2022   Performance

Mira wrote and performed in the multimedia installation Up in the Attic by Mikołaj Sobczak.

I read a book, Against a Loveless World

2022   Performance

Mira was one of the three performers in Khadija El Kharraz Alami's play: I Read a Book, Against The Loveless World, based on the book with the same title by Susan Abulhawa.

Performance of Neutrality in an Ableist World

2022   Writing

“Neutrality is and will always be a performance, a pretending. We mustn’t forget that this performance is not possible for everyone. It is not within the reach of everyone to pretend their body is ‘just a vessel’ or to momentarily pretend their body can blend in with the world around it. Neutrality is therefore also a privilege.”

Man from Mars

2021   Performance

Performance for the event Wie is er baas in jouw buik at Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam.

Artistic Research – New Pathways to New Knowledge? A conversation with Mira Thompson

2022   Interview

“Last year, Carly Everaert invited me to teach the second year Scenography students – the teaching block I was involved in was about getting certain kinds of activism to permeate into the arts."

Timelessness with NGT

2021   Performance

As part of Common Grounds: Song / Value, an exhibition program curated by Staci Bu Shea and Ying Que at Casco Art Institute, Mira performed a live online concert together with Thijmen Schoute and produced a music video for one of her songs with Nedelandse Gebarentaal interpretation.

A New Culture of Accessibility

2021   Writing

“How might a social model of disability be practiced within the context of The Netherlands? What would it look and feel like if the Dutch art and culture scene led the way for a radically new way to be solidary with people with a disability?”

A change in perspective: who is being watched and who is watching

2021   Writing

“The discriminatory image that exists about people with disabilities is persistent and has far-reaching consequences. Just looking at someone with a disability evokes fear, shame and discomfort in many."

Woman’s March speech

2021   Speech

“The UK Statistical Office Office for National Statistics came out shocking a few weeks agonumbers out. Six out of ten Corona deaths in 2020 England were people with disabilities."

Introduction to Touch Me Not for IDFA

2018   Writing

‘’From my own experience I know that it is a Sisyphean task to be able to appropriate your own body as someone with a physical disability. Labor that keeps unnoticed by most people. This labor starts very young."

Mira Canta donor concert

2019   Concert

When the government fails to adequately support modes of independence for people with disabilities, community is there to foster possibilities and imagine potential!

To get from one place to another

2022   Performance

‘We need to move from here to there. We need to change the air.’

To get from one place to another, is a rehearsal of movement,

Oriented towards the horizon;